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About Sunet

Sunet (Swedish University Computer Network) is a research infrastructure that fulfils the needs for data communication of Swedish higher education institutions and other public organisations linked to research or higher education. We also provide services to affiliated organisations.

Sunet was formed in the early 1980s as a research and development project. Today, Sunet is part of the Swedish Research Council.

We work with identity management within the identity federation SWAMID, which is a central part of our operation. If the need arises, it is possible to order special international connections and point-to-point connections.

Many higher education institutions are affiliated to Sunet through their appropriation documents. The operation is funded in the first instance by the affiliated organisations, but we also receive funding from the Ministry of Education and Research via the Swedish Research Council. Sunet’s Committee has the mandate to make decisions on important issues that relate to the development of the operation. The Swedish Research Council is responsible for ensuring that Sunet is managed and operated according to the Government’s set guidelines.

Sunet’s focus document for 2019–2020 includes its mission, operational idea, vision and strategy, and also its core values (pdf, 716 kB).
(in Swedish)