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Here you can find information about invoices, and how to send them.

Corporate identity number

Sunet is a department of the Swedish Research Council, and has the corporate identity number 202100-5208. 

Invoicing address

Vetenskapsrådet, FE 57
838 73 Frösön
(Please state reference 0263)

Delivery address

Tulegatan 11, plan 3
113 53 Stockholm

The Swedish Research Council manages all invoice processing on behalf of Sunet. It is therefore important that the Swedish Research Council’s rules for invoice processing are followed.

Invoices to and from Sunet are processed in slightly different ways, depending on what type of organisation is involved. 

Government agencies in Sweden

As the Swedish Research Council is a government agency, invoices between the Swedish Research Council and other government agencies shall be sent as electronic invoices in the Svefaktura system. Please state reference 0263.

Other organisations in Sweden

Other organisations in Sweden that are able to process the Svefaktura format can send their invoices electronically. Non-government organisations in Sweden that cannot process the Svefaktura format shall send paper invoices to the address below.

Organisations abroad

Organisations abroad shall send paper invoices to the address:

Box 1035
SE-101 38 Stockholm
Please state reference 0263.

What you need to know to process an invoice from an organisation abroad (pdf, 152 kB).