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The Sunet network

Via Sunet’s network, SunetC, Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs) and other public organisations involved in research or higher education can get access to the internet and the global research networks. The network covers the whole country, and is stable, fast, and operationally secure.

Sunet’s network offers standard routed network access. It is also possible to get a dedicated connection straight between two points, via a non-routed connection. We can also link together two computer networks, so that they function as a common network, for example when HEIs are collaborating. Similar dedicated connections with research networks in other countries can often be arranged in collaboration with other research networks.

A basic requirement for being part of Sunet’s network is that the activities are related to research or higher education. Swedish HEIs are affiliated to Sunet through our appropriation document. Other HEIs and other public organisations linked to research or higher education can sign agreements with Sunet to become affiliated.

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